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Manuscript writing.                

Hi friends. I came across this question quite a few times on my YouTube channel "NOVABIO".

So how to write a manuscript? Who can write it? Why it's important etc.

First of all, anyone can write a manuscript. You need to choose a topic from a subject. Example: Nanoparticles synthesis.

Find out research and review article related to it and then read it througly several times.

Make points out of your reading.

Select a suitable journal. Do not run behind impact factor. Make sure your journal is genuine. Look out for fake journal list of UGC.

Check out author guidelines.

Check out publication or processing charges.

Indexing of the journal

Publishing policy of the journal.

After which make a draft of the topic. Read it several times for grammar,spelling ,and punctuations.

Make you're manuscript as per journal author guidelines. Also lookout research or review article of the same journal. This will help in drafting it better way.

Email your manuscript to editor or submit on the website of journal as per guidelines for the submission.

Hope this helps. Also watch our channel Novabio for carrier guidance and video lectures on several subjects such as bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Microbiology, etc.

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