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Gel Documentation system

Gel Documentation Systems. Gel documentation, or gel imaging, systems are used to record and measure labeled nucleic acid and protein in various types of media such as agarose, acrylamide or cellulose. Systems come in a variety of configurations depending on throughput and sample type.

Easy and fast quantitation: automatic detection and analysis of bands with just one click. Band boundaries are automatically and accurately detected using an innovative boundary detection algorithm. Even distorted gel images can be analyzed, and molecular weight calculated, based on marker lane standards. • Accurate analysis: automatic deduction of background noise allows accurate quantitation and normalization of bands • Flexible analysis tools: dynamic graphic intensity analysis tools allow easy adjustment to band and lane boundaries for complex results (e.g., degraded, doublet bands) • One-click data export: customize results with one-click export to an Excel™ worksheet or as a JPEG image.

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