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Corona Virus Indian strain? Dr. Satyajit Mayor NCBS DIRECTOR

CORONA VIRUS has created major problems in every sector of majority of the country around the globe. As per WHO , it is under PHEIC ( Public Health Emergency of International Concern) category.

ICMR had released the sequences and the NCBS was studying information on it. What they have found so far the virus strain is not different than china, USA.

The NCBS director noted following observations. He said, “We can effectively slow this virus down though we cannot prevent the spread of such a virus. In these 40 days, from the experience from other countries, we can learn a lot and we will be able to cope with the outbreak if we can slow its spread and flatten the curve. The current research has shown 10% of recovered patients in China has indicated positive for Corona again.

As per WHO current data so far cases of corona Virus crossed 5,25,000. The USA has more cases than China. For more information on Covid 19. Keep visiting us on instagram Novabio16. Youtube Channel Novabio.

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