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Chilling of Cells- Literally !!!

Cryopreservation, or cell freezing, is a crucial step of animal cell culture and long-term

It cools cells stored in cryovial at 1 degree/min rate when stored in -80 degree fridge.
Mr Forsty

maintenance, which is different from the process of preserving bacteria and fungi. It is the most effective method of animal cell culture preservation and is accomplished by either a suitable cryogenic agent or liquid nitrogen. It can oftentimes be difficult to maintain cell lines, due to the viability of preserved cell lines, slow growth rates, physiological conditions, cell density and the type of cryoprotectant and freezing technique. [Figure of Mr. Frosty- Cooler of Cells ;)]

It is important to utilize an appropriate cell freezing method – preferably one that establishes the high viability of the cells (approximately more than 90%). Cryopreservation slowly reduces the temperature of cells from -30 degree Celsius to -60 degree Celsius, which is followed by flash freezing to less than -130 degree Celsius. As the cells reach low temperatures, the degrading enzymes (proteases and phosphatases) become ineffective, leading to a state of biological inertness.

Tips & Tricks for Using a Cell Freezing System

1. To ensure the highest number of viable cells, use actively growing cells harvested from late logarithmic to early stationary phase cells. Handle all harvested cells with gentle handling techniques – vigorous pipetting, longer trypsinization and high-speed centrifugation will affect cell viability and should always be avoided.

2. To avoid contamination, use a high-quality, sterilized cryoprotectant. Use extreme care and avoid contact with skin while using DMSO, which is corrosive and neurotoxic.

3. When freezing cells, place glass vials in a slanted position so the liquid can expand without cracking the glass (consider placing the vials in a Styrofoam box and placing in a -80°C freezer overnight).

4. Always wear personal protective equipment (a.k.a PPE).

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